My English way to be

Discipline and control, perversion and hedonism- here we are… Physical punishment and brain wash, colored flesh and body exploration… an invitation to travel through different atmospheres you would have to be able to stand! Admiration and devotion are the key words for any proposals. Always curious to discover new creatures!

Feminization and Sissy play~ Public Humiliation ~ Double Domination Session ~ Worship and retifism ~ Role Play ~ Adult Babies ~ Conservative treatment ~ Financial dominance ~ Ultimate vintage fetish seduction and veneration ~ Physical punishment ~ Confidant and desirable Companionship ~ Corporal exploration ~ Hard spirit reformatory ~ Food Play ~ Face to face interrogatory and rehabilitation ~ Sensual tease and denial~ Fire and Cigarettes game~ Objectification ~ Champagne and caviar delight


Mailing List:

If you want to follow My travels and informations, please leave a comment on this page with your contact. I do not send more than one email per month.



17-19th and 22-24th January: Paris

27th January- 2nd February: Lyon


nerfsdelibertine (a) hotmail fr


+33 (0)6 67 46 98 29

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